All The Fun of The Fair

I never nicked any coconuts gov - honest!

This afternoon along with my colleague Cllr Steve Williams I attended my first School Summer Fair of the season at Foxfield School in Douglas Drive.    The weather was overcast but very warm and the event was really well attended.   It had all the usual stalls, raffle, auction and a baerbecue for burgers and hot dogs.     One of the most popular attractions was throwing cold wet sponges at Andre Baird, the Headteacher, well done Andre! 

I was delighted that the Mersey Tunnels Police attended bringing along one of their Landrovers for the kids to get an idea of what the Tunnel Police do, (Merseytravel have a very special relationship with Foxfield).   Merseyside Fire and REscue Service als came along and you can imagine their Fire Appliance was a real draw for the youngsters, and the mums, dads and grandparents.      

Sadly I did not win anything in the raffle (well I have not had a call yet?) but I did bid successfully for a bottle of Champagne.   Set myself a top bid of £8, but got sucked into the bidding war and ended up paying £11, still great value.

Hopefully the event will have raised lots of money for the school and I would like to put on record my thanks to all those people who organised the event, all the local businesses that supported  it by donating raffle prizes as well as auction items, and of course everyone who attended making the day the success that it was.    Next Saturday its on to Christchurch School Summer Fair, follwed the following FRiday with Lingham Primary School………

Anti Bullying Week!

National Anti Bullying Week takes place from November 15th – 19th this year, and is focussing on the role of the bystander under the title ‘Taking Action Together’. Wirral’s Anti Bullying Steering group is this year focusing on young peoples experiences on public transport and school bus systems, through a conference hosted by Wirral Grammar School for Boys.    Invited delegates include pupils from all secondary schools across Wirral, transport providers, Councillors, representatives from Wirral Council and Merseyside Police.    The conference will look at good and poor practice and allow for young people to share their experiences on public transport and school bus services.   

Delegates will be asked to consider some possible solutions and make recommendations, from which a report will be produced for schools and transport operators. Wirral Youth Theatre will perform a short piece of drama engaging with delegates and showing how we ALL have a role to play in improving situations for others and discouraging bullying behaviours. Welcoming the conference.   The theme of Anti Bullying Week nationally this year is ‘Taking Action Together,’ which is a timely reminder of everyone’s responsibility to help create safe environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn.’ Guest speakers include 6th Form Bus Stewards from Wirral Grammar School for Boys, Kayte Eaton (Project Coordinator BullyBusters) and Billy Bradshaw (Partnership Officer Merseytravel).

First Christmas Fair of 2009!

After the euphoria of last nights election victory it was back to normal, albeit I did have a little lie in this morning.   Then it was off to the Town Hall with Steve to get his declaration signed, sort his security pass and give him a quick tour of the building, it’s a lot to take in, but I am sure he will pick it up quickly.     

This evening, with Steve and Leah, it was off to my first Christmas Fair of the season at Foxfield School.    It was absolutely packed with all the usual stalls, cakes, bric-a-brac, raffle, sweets, guess the weight of the Christmas cake and an auction which was really attracting lots of bids.   It was a tremendous effort by the staff, the parents and the students, and I am absolutely sure that lots of money will be raised,  While there we chatted to Jill McTearney one of the teachers staff.    Jill has asked Steve to give her a call in the next week or so to arrange a visit to the School and have a look around.       Sadly I did not win anything in the raffle!

What Price Our Childrens Education?

It seems that the controversial academies programme has now come to Wirral.     The Government won’t, or can’t fund the new academies, so it seems that we have to rely on ‘sponsors’, in other words private individuals/companies who do have the cash!     But surely, as part of that, the Labour Lib Dem administration that controls Wirral must be careful who they deal with, must carry out checks before any agreements are reached?  After all this is our childrens futures.     So it was with some shock that I read this exchange yesterday.        Questions to be asked, and answers to be given – I think Wirral’s press office will be put to the test.

Summer Faired Out!

This afternoon, along with Leasowe and Moreton East Councillor Ian Lewis, (Ian is also a Governor at the School) and Liscard Councillor and Wallasey and Moreton Conservative Parliamentary candidate, Leah Fraser I attended the Christ Church Primary School Summer fair.

I don’t exaggerate when I tell you that hundreds attended, there were all the usual stalls, lucky dips, raffles, home made cakes, a barbecue, bouncy castle, beat the goalie, bric a brac and a cocunut shie.   As you can see by the pic i managed to topple a cocunut with only my second attempt!    Thats the first time ever for me.

The weather, although a little overcast was really warm and eventually the sun shone through and as the crowds entered they were entertained by the Moreton Boys and Girls Brigade Band.   In the school hall there was a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do, and at 3pm the band Insanity Beach started to bang out their music.    All in all a tremendous afternoon.

I would like to send my thanks to the CCSA, parents, carers, teachers and support staff, who by their committment and dedication make these events the success that they are.


Who Hissed?

Earlier this afternoon, on not so summery a day, along with my colleague, Cllr Simon Mountney and his two children Matthew and Eloise, I went along to the Lingham Primary School, Summer Fair.   

OK, before we go any further lets get the jokes out of the way!  I can hear you asking which one in the pic is the snake?    No its not the one standing up, its the one round my neck!   Although I am sure many will argue its not!  (Won’t they Denis)

Anyway the fair was well attended and as well as the usual stalls, cakes, sweets, lucky dip tombola, there was a small ‘Go Kart Track’, bouncey castle and for a pound you could take part in a balloon race, although I am not sure race is the right word more like endurance test to see which balloon can travel the furthest, hopefully someone, somewhere will return the tags they find and a winner can be declared.

By far the busiest and most popular stop was the ‘Reptile House’, (really one of the classrooms), anyway, Lizards, Scorpions, Frogs and Snakes were all on hand courtesy of the Wirral Herpetological Society.   The kids, parents and grandparents were all enthralled by the reptiles and amphibians, as can be seen here by Simon and his children.  Tomorrow its on to the Summer fair at Christ Church Primary School on Upton Road.   Hopefully see lots of people there.

Summer Fairs Galore!

Its that time of the year again when all the local schools get their summer fairs underway.  First on was Foxfield School on Saturday, unfortunatley I could not get there because of other committments, however I hope it was a resounding success (as it usually is)despite the drizzly, not so summery weather.

Next up is Lingham Primary School, on Town Meadow Lane, with their fair taking place this coming Friday the 27th, commencing at 3:45pm.   And then on Saturday 28th it’s the turn of Christ Church Primary School with the doors opening at 1:30pm, hopefully the weather for both will be good.    I hear at ChristChurch that well known local band, ‘Insanity Beach’ will be banging out a few tunes from 3pm.

My thanks go to all the teachers, parents and staff, as well as the children for putting in so much of their time to make sure that the fairs go with a bang and hopefully they are rewarded by raisings loads of money that can be spent on the children who attend the schools.

More on these after I have been along………….