Wirral Lib Dems – We’re Proud of What We Have Achieved – But Don’t Want to Continue

How confusing is that for a message.  Last night Wirral’s Lib Dems issued a press statement which said just that.    You can read their statement by clicking HERE    Sadly (and many willl say stupidly) having praised the work of the administration they want to give it all away, abbrogate their responsibility to their last few remaining supporters, and ‘Facilitate a Labour Administration’ in Wirral.    The only losers in all of this are the people of Wirral

Clearly they have forgotton what happened when Labour last controlled Wirral, loss of Lollipop ladies, threats to our Libraries, Leisure Centres and swimming pools, all of these things are now again very real threats.     The Lib Dem Leader says his small group will judge Labour on each decision, clearly he fails to understand that the Cabinet is all powerful and he and his group will have no say in the decision making process.     

Three years with Labour, one year with the Conservatives, now going it alone, is it any wonder no one is voting Lib Dem?


Its seems the Labour Party has written to Wirral to ‘seek’ some form of sponsorship for its 2011 annual conference which this year is being held in Liverpool.   You can read the letter to the Council Leader, Jeff Green by clicking HERE

The Leader of Wirral Council, Jeff Green, received his letter from the General Secretary of the Labour Party, Ray Collins, with an invitation to an ‘open day’ to discuss ‘commercial opportunities’ with ‘independent experts offering advice on making the most out of the event for Exhibitors and Sponsors’.   Cllr. Green said: “Labour’s hypocrisy is breathtaking.     For months, their MPs in Merseyside have been complaining that councils do not have enough money for really important services such as Sure Start, free swimming or libraries.  Yet, their leaders nationally, believe we are so awash with cash that we will hand some of it over to the Labour Party to pay for their conference in Liverpool.   “I do not know about the other councils in Merseyside but Wirral Council will not be using Council Taxpayers money to advertise, sponsor or subsidise the Labour Conference.   Our priority is to provide the services that people in Wirral want while freezing Council Tax and avoiding compulsory redundancies.”

Help Catch this Sick and Depraved Individual!

Tonights BBC One programme, Crime Watch features an horrific and sick crime that took place in Moreton in 2008, in which a 13 year old girl was seriously sexually assaulted and sadly the sick paedophile for carried out this depraved attack has not been caught…. Yet!

I would urge as many people as possible to tune in tonight at 9pm and watch this programme, you never now it may jog your memory about something you may have seen and not thought important at the time.     If you have any information, no matter how small or insignificant you think it is caal the number that will be given this evening.    It is important that this sad and eveil individual is caught and locked uop for a very long time in order to protect other vulnerable young girls.      You can read what the Wirral Globe says by clicking HERE

Massacre in Moreton!

Yesterday the voters of Moreton West and Saughall Massie sent a message to New Labour and the Lib Dems.  That message was ‘It’s Time for Change’.  

At the count, which took place at Moreton Community Centre, immediately after the polls closed,  New Labour were annihilated, rejected by the voters and left trailing with only 19.1% of the vote, that in a ward they used to have three councillors in!     Steve Williams is the new councillor, taking over following the sad and tragic death of Suzanne Moseley.

Conservatives won 70% of the vote (up from 60%) when Suzanne was last elected.    The Liberal Democrat and Green votes also fell and many of the former Liberal Democrat voters switched directly to Steve.    We also noticed how many fed up former Labour voters are now switching directly to us.    The Independent Socialist, Alec McFadden came a distant fourth, with the Green candidate not even getting three figures.   You can see the full result at the bottom of the posting.   

Steve will be a real asset to Moreton and Saughall Massie, as well as the Wirral Conservative Group.     As someone who lives in the community, he knows the issues that people who live her are facing, and along with Simon and Leah we will continue to work all year round.

I would like to thank everyone who helped in this campaign, canvassing on cold dark nights, delivering our literature, and those who joined us at 6am yesterday for our good morning leaflet drop.  This victory is a testament to everything you do.

New Labour ran a very negative and nasty campaign, and even in defeat some nasty comments were made in my hearing.   Will they never learn?   Well I don’t suppose you can teach an old dog new tricks!

    Votes  Percentage
Candidate Party Received of the Vote
Andrew Hollingworth New Labour 615 19.11%
Alec McFadden Independent 121 3.76%
Jim McGinley Green 92 2.86%
Steve Pitt Lib Dem 134 4.17%
Steve Williams Local Conservatives 2255 70.09%
Majority 1,640    
Turnout 28.46%    

A good Night for the Conservatives, a Bad Night for British Politics!

I suppose the headline says it all.  Whilst I am delighted that the Conservatives came out on top in the European elections, and here in the North West we gained a third seat, with Wirral’s very own Jacquie Foster being elected, I am equally disappointed that because of voter apathy, low turnout etc that the BNP have gained two seats, one in Yorkshire and the other in the North West in the European Parliament.   Sadly this will give them a platform and the money to promote their racist mumbo jumbo.  A really sad day for British politics.

Wirral Euro results below:

Cons: 20,907, 27.1%.     Lab:15,349, 19.9%.     UKIP:13,021, 16.9%.     Lib Dem: 9,023, 11.7%.     Green: 6,950,  9.0%. BNP: 4,666, 6.0%.  Others 6,858,  8.9%    Rejected Ballot Papers: 249.

Not Me, I’m an Independent!

Those were the words from a BNP Activist yesterday evening at Wallasey Town Hall when the Returning Officer asked if there was a representative of the BNP to check their seals on the ballot boxes.   We pointed out her status which she denied and ran out of the room.   If you’re ashamed to admit it, perhaps you should not be a member of this neo nazi party.

I was astounded, was this the same lady activist who was putting up BNP posters on the Upton Bypass on Wednesday evening?  Another thing she denied to one of my colleagues this evening.      Clearly this is indicative of the way the BNP operate……………………..

Step into my Parlour Said the Spider…….

Last night I was at Wallasey Town Hall for the verification of the European Ballot.  

untitledI was waiting in the Civic Hall when along came a lady BNP activist who I last saw the night before fly posting BNP posters to lighting columns on the Upton Bypass.  

The lady activist wanted to know where to go  (Don’t tempt me).   I really could not believe my luck.   I knew one of the ladies BNP activists who was fly posting and her name and address has been given to the council, however I did not know who the second lady activist was, that is, until last night!   What a cheek, but what a bonus for me and the Council.   Two birds with one stone!   Bring on the prosecutions….