Earlier this evening, along with my colleague, Cllr Steve Williams I attended the Police ‘Have Your Say’ forum at Moreton Community Centre.   At the meeting a resident made us aware that someone had removed one of the perimeter fence panels from Linear Park!

After the meeting Steve and I went to have a look and sure enough some ‘Mindless’ idiot(s) for reasons only they could possibly understand (assuming of course they posessed a brain?) had forced away one of the pieces of fencing ( I am pictured below with the fence panel next to the gap it has left).    We only had this park refurbished last year at a cost of £80,000 and it is a lovely place for children to enjoy.    The last thing we need is idiots wrecking it!

The Police are on the case and they quickly got some information from some of the children in the park this evening, hopefully that will lead them to the moron(s) who did this.   In the meantime I have asked the Council to reaffix the fence ASAP.

Upton Woods For Sale

I have learned this evening that the area that houses the two telephone masts and the wider wooded area of Upton Woods, to the rear of Paulsfield Drive and Burrell Drive  is to be sold by auction on the 9th September.    Read more by clicking HERE   

The Auctioneers are a company called Pugh, and the auction will be held at Manchester United Football Club, International Suite, West Stand, Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 ORA commencing at 12 noon

The wooded area, which is in private ownership has been the subject of anti-social behaviour, underage drinking and damage caused to the trees and the flora and fauna, there has been police involvement and Wirral Council’s Environmental Health Officers had to serve a litter enforcement notice on the current landowner to clear up all the empty beer cans / bottles and associated debris.  

It is to be hoped that any new owner will be more diligent about the maintenace of the land.

£30k for Police Treatment!

We regularly read in the press of attacks on NHS staff,  particularly by those who cannot hold their booze, and who take up valuable NHS staffs time in hospitals A&E departments, predominently at weekends.      Arrowe Park Hospital has a zero tolerance approach to abuse of its staff, something which I support wholeheartedly, but even with their own security, they still pay almost £30,000 a year to have a police officer on duty overnight on Friday’s and Saturday’s.     That’s £30,000 that could be spent on treating patients, as well as a police officer who could  be out on the streets.   

Hospital A & E departments should be safe havens for NHS staff and for those in need of emergency treatment, sadly, because of a very small minority of drunken idiots hospitals around the country are having to pay for police protection!     You can read the Hospitals press statement by clicking HERE

A Mystery, or Plain Theft?


On Friday I reported on the blog about charity shop bags being dumped in a ditch.  Read more of that posting by clicking HERE.      I went back yesterday and the bags were still there.   I went back this morning and the bags have gone!     


It appears to me that someone, or perhaps there is more than one person involved is using this location to hide charity shop bags and then go back later to collect them, clearly something untoward is going on.   I have emailed ClothesAid, the NSPCC and our local police to make them aware of this activity.    Whoever is doing this is deceiving the donors as well as depriving charities of much needed income.      Hopefully whoever it is will be caught and dealt with accordingly! 

Is Someone Helping Themselves?

Earlier this week I got a call from a dog walker telling me that NSPCC bags of clothes had been dumped in a ditch on the footpath that runs from Hoylake Road to Saughall Massie.    I went to investigate the same afternoon and the bags had gone!! 

Web Clothes Aid Bags dumped in ditch 

This evening I got another call, and guess what,  loads of NSPCC/ClothesAid bags had been dumped in the same location.   Now would it be cynical of me to think that someone was making a few bob on the side at the expense of the NSPCC and other charities?   I will be keeping an eye on this location.  In the meantime I have emailed ClothesAid, the NSPCC and our neighbourhood police!

Chat to Merseysides Deputy Chief Constable

Merseysides Deputy  Chief Constable, Bernard Lawson will host a live web chat Tomorrow.    The web based question and answer session will take place on the Merseyside Police website between 9.30am – 10.30am.     Questions can be asked in advance or can be asked live at the time of the webchat.    To take part in the webchat click here.

Do You Suffer from Nuisance Motorbikes?

I am delighted that the Police are cracking down on motorcyclists who are causing anti-social behaviour across Wirral, and particularly in Moreton.   These ‘nuisance riders’ can cause mayhem with the dangerous driving, and do cause disturbance with the noise.    Hey I am not having a go at all motorcyclists, the vast majority who use their bikes for sensibly for commuting and pleasure, sadly, it is again a very small minority who cause problems.  You can read more here