Fly tipping – Labour Council response.

imageLast week I reported some fly tipping and littering on a small piece of fenced off grass area in Lingham Lane and asked for it to be cleaned up ASAP.    The response I got from the Council absolutely astounded me saying it would be collected next time the road was due it’s 12 weekly clean and that’s not due for another 4 weeks.    I have appended the Council response below.

Dear Councillor Chris Blakeley,

Thank you for your report to Wirral Council.

Date of report: 12/04/2016

Street and Town: Lingham Lane; Moreton Ward: Moreton West And Saughall Massie

Reference number: 1010328

Details: grassed area in Lingham Lane, close to its junction with Harvest Lane that is subjected to fly tipping

The street cleansing inspector has visited to inspect and reports that this area will be cleared as per the scheduled cleanse.


Carol Decker

While it may seem a small amount of debris it is located in a densely populated area and people who live there should not have to put up with this.   The Councils response is totally unacceptable and I have now escalated this matter to a Stategic Director asking that this is actioned in the next few days, not in a months time.

Fly Tippers return

Over the last week or so fly tippers have been busy dumping their unwanted rubbish in Carr Lane, Moreton.image

There are three instances, old carpet in one location, garden waste/turf in another and close by to that there are bags, debris and an old gas bottle.image

Why people simply can’t take their unwanted items to one of the recycling centres is beyond me, instead they would rather pollute our environment.

I have asked the Council to clear it ASAP, and consider installing CCTV at this location.





Moreton Brickworks, Carr Lane – Planning Application Submitted to Extend the Time for Mineral (Clay) Extraction

A new planning application has been submitted by the owners of the Moreton Brickworks, CARR LANE, MORETON, CH46 5NB, application number: 11/01286 to remove condition 28 from planning application 2001 / 6405.  

I asked planning officers just what condition 28 related to and the simple answer is it was a condition put in place in 2001 which told the owners that they had a maximum of 10 years to extract the minerals from the site, in this case that was clay.     Well the ten years are up and the owners have decided they want to extend that timeframe in order to be able to apply to extract minerals whenever they choose.

This site has been the subject of two withdrawn applications for clay extraction in the past in the early 2000s.   Both applications had massive public opposition and Planning Officers were recommending refusal, however  both were withdrawn on the day of planning committee at the last minute!      There is absolutely no value  in the clay, however there is millions of pounds value in a huge hole that could be used for Landfill!!    This is clearly linked to the Joint Merseyside Waste Development Plan!     I hope that planning officers recommend refusal, as extraction of clay and subsequent landfill at this location would be an absolute environmental disaster for local residents and the wider community! 

The planning application can be viewed by clicking HERE and the conditions linked to application 2001/6405 can be viewed by clicking HERE

Do the Crime, Pay the Fine!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of our campaign to highlight and tackle the blight of fly tipping in our community.    There are two particular areas in Moreton that suffer badly, and ones that we have asked the Council to deal with, that’s Lingham Lane on the way to Leasowe Common and Carr Lane.

We are delighted to learn that Bernard Paul Doherty from Moreton was caught out by the Councils CCTV and following his prosecution he was fined £1200, with costs of £1050 as well as a victim surcharge of £15.    We hope this sends a clear message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.

HVDC Western Link Project

National Grid have today announced that the landfall site for the HVDC Western Link project will be in the Moreton Area somewhere close to Leasowe Lighthouse.   They were considering two options one in Meols and one in the Moreton Leasowe Area, and after many surveys they have chosen the Moreton site for the landfall.  Click HERE  for the information sheet

I understand that as yet the final route for the cable has not been finalised however Ngrid have a preferred corridor and they will be working within that corridor.    I will keep people informed as more information becomes available.

Power – Information from NGrid

Yesterday I went to Moreton Community Centre to see the Public Information Event hosted by  National Grid and SP Transmission, and to discuss the many issues and concerns that people have brought to my attention.     National Grid and SP Transmission are planning to bring power from Scotland to the North West of England and the way they want to achieve that is through a HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) link from Scotland to Connahs Quay.     

The turnout for the event, which was on between 2pm and 8pm was tremendous, I got there at about 4pm and I was told that in the first two hours almost 100 people had called in.     It was good to see many people from various parts of the Borough attending obviously concerned about the plans.  Most people were most interested in the proposed route and where the cable would come ashore somewhere between Leasowe Lighthouse and Meols. as yet no final decision has been made on that.

It was also pleasing to see so  many other councillors attending, during the period I was there.   Steve Williams, Ian Lewis, Wendy Clements , Don McCubbin and also Leah Fraser, were all there gathering information that they can impart to constituents who are concerned about this issue.        I will wait for residents reactions to the plans. You can follow the developments on NGrids website by clicking here.

National Grid – Open Day!

Many people will have read in the press or seen on the TV the plans by National Grid, for their electricity cable from Scotland to come ashore in Wirral somewhere between Leasowe and Hoylake the cable is then planned to go underground across Wirral  and link up to Connah’s Quay.    The ‘Western High-Voltage Direct Current’ link has a webiste here.   The work on the cable across Wirral is expected to last two years and we are told there won’t be any local power cuts.

Many residents, as I do have concerns about the environmental damage this may cause to flora, fauna and wildlife habitat, if, as expected they come ashore in the region of the North Wirral Coastal Park they have to remember the there are many Sites of Special Scientific Interest at this location. 

In order to try to allay peoples fears National Grid have arranged a public open day at Moreton Community Centre in Maryland Lane on Wednesday 9 February between 2pm and 8pm when anyone can go along find out more and give their views.