Great News – Free Swimming to Stay in Wirral

After much scaremongering by Wirral’s Labour group, telling people that free swimming was under threat, the ruling Conservative led administration has recommended that free swimming be kept in Wirral.    Read what the Wirral Globe says by clicking HERE

Dont forget it was only a short time ago that New Labour wanted to close three swimming pools in Wirral as part of their totally discredited Strategic Assett Review.      Somebody best throw them a lifejacket!

News for Seacombe and Poulton

Denis, Leah and me ready to set off Newslines in hand

This morning, along with Leah Fraser, Denis Knowles and the Conservative Action Team we delivered our latest Newsline to Seacombe and Poulton.   Leah and I delivered all round Poulton Road and roads off, as well as the terraced properties off Limekiln Lane.     Watch out for your copy dropping through the letterbox in the next few days.    If you can’t wait you can download a copy by clicking here.

24 Hour Licensing

I am reluctant to say, ‘we told you so’ but the fact is, we did just that when the New Labour Government introduced 24 hour drinking under the guise of the Licensing Act 2003.     The idea was to introduce a Cafe culture, but sadly all it did was introduce a problem across the country.

Here in Wirral we have witnessed first hand how the Act has favoured applicants and disadvantaged local residents, just look at the Saughall Hotel, set in a conservation area they have a license that allows them to stay open until 3am!  Crazy….    We have seen other premises given longer hours, some of them not causing a problem, but many do.

I was therefore delighted with the announcement made today by the Home Secretary,  Theresa May MP which will give local people a real say in what happens in their communities.      I have appended below the summary of her statement:

Proposals for tough new measures to crack down on problem premises and more powers for local communities to influence licensing decisions were unveiled by the Government today.

• making it easier for communities to have their say on local licensing by allowing local authorities to consider the views of the wider community, not just those living close to premises;

• taking tough action against underage drinking by doubling the fine to £20,000 for those found persistently selling alcohol to children, extending orders that see premises closed on a voluntary basis to a minimum of seven days and bringing in automatic licence reviews for these problem premises – which can see licences revoked;

• charging a fee for late-night licences to pay for the cost of extra policing and scrapping ineffective, bureaucratic and unpopular Alcohol Disorder Zones;

• ensuring policing and health concerns are fully considered so that the impact of licensing on crime and disorder or public health can be fully taken into account when assessing licence applications;

• increasing licence fees so that local councils can cover costs linked to enforcement  leaving premises to pay rather than the local taxpayer;

• tightening up rules for temporary licences by limiting the number of Temporary Event Notices that can be applied for in any one year – these are often used to get around the restrictions of applying for a permanent licence; and

• introducing a ban the sale of below cost alcohol and consulting on how this can be achieved.

Home Secretary Theresa May said:

“The benefits promised by the 24 hour drinking & café culture’ have failed to materialise and in its place we have seen an increase in the number of alcohol related incidents and drink-fuelled crime and disorder.   “We know that the majority of pubs and bars are well run business but the Government believes that the system needs to be rebalanced in favour of the local communities they serve with tougher action taken to crack down on the small number of premises who cause problems.”

Last year there were almost one million violent crimes that were alcohol related, with a fifth of all violent incidents taking place in or around a pub or club, and almost two-thirds of these happen at night. As well as this the total cost of alcohol-related crime and disorder to the taxpayer is estimated to be between £8bn and £13bn.

Change Is Here!

Leader of Wirral Borough Council, Cllr Jeff Green signing the Partnership Agreement whilst Cllr Simon Holbrook looks on

Last night, after 24 years of a Labour led Council, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats joined forces in a ‘Progressive Partnership’ to wrest control of the Council.      Conservative Councillor Jeff Green was elected as leader for four years under the new governance arrangements.  The new local coalition also reflects what’s happening nationally.   Believe it or not, it is the first Conservative-led Council in Wirral for 24 years.  

  • The ‘Partnership’ has 42 of the 66 seats
  • Conservatives hold 7 of the 10 Cabinet portfolios, the Lib Dems hold 3.
  • The Lib Dems do NOT have the leisure and libraries portfolio.
  • We will protect key frontline services 
  • We have implemented a 5% pay cut for Cabinet Members to reduce the cost of politics
  • We will Publish details of all Council spending in excess of £500
  • We will ensure greater involvement with people on key issues.
  • We will work with the coalition Government to freeze Council Tax for Wirral residents

I am delighted and honoured to have been offered the Housing and Community Safety portfolio, and will do my very best to carry out my duties and responsibilities to the people of Wirral.      You can read the partnership agreement by clicking HERE



Working to be the next MP for Wallasey and Moreton




Seeking re-election to Moreton West and Saughall Massie





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Tony COX

Seeking election to Seacombe

Only Four Days Left Until YOU CAN VOTE FOR CHANGE

This last week has been one of the busiest campaigning weeks I have ever known.    We have managed to get election communication mailings out to over 64,000 voters.    On top of that we have delivered over 40,000 pieces of paper, and knocked on almost 1,000 doors seeking peoples views, visited schools and been visible in many of the Town centres.   The responses to everything we have done has been tremendous with hundreds of people telling us they are voting for change, nationally as well as locally.      Thanks to the hundred + LOCAL people who have helped make this last week a great success.       There is now only four days to go until the General Election and clearly we are hoping to return Wallasey and Moreton to a Conservative seat after 18 years of Angela Eagle.

The week just gone!

Sorry about the lack of posts, but the amount of time, work and effort that I, and my colleagues are putting into the election campaigns, sadly leaves no time for regular updates.

Suffice it to say that the campaign to elect Leah Fraser as the next MP for Wallasey and Moreton is in full swing, with lots of people helping every day, delivering, canvassing, talking to mums and dads at school gates etc etc.    Clearly the Labour candidate is a worried person, however as she has very little support in Wallasey she is having to rely on help coming in from Liverpool and Birkenhead.    In fact only yesterday, Liscard shopping area was like a ‘Jolly Boys’ outing for Birkenhead Labour!    One Labour Councillor, a Cabinet Member said.   “It’s a knife edge here’   Praise indeed for our campaign, roll on May 6th – VOTE FOR CHANGE!