Life under Wirral Labour

This week we witnessed first hand, on more than one occasion how Wirral Labour control Council and Committees and stifle debate.

On Tuesday Councillors attended a special Council meeting to debate the Liverpool City Region Devolution.   I say debate, however that simply was not the case because after movers of the motions, former Labour Leader, Cllr Steve Foulkes moved that we went straight to seconders without any debate on the issues before us.    Even though we objected the Mayor put it to a vote, Labour won and no debate was allowed.    Seems we have been well and truly sold across the river by Labour.

The next day the Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee convened to hear the Call In of the proposal by Labour to gamble another £600,000 of Council Taxpayers money on the Hoylake Golf Resort.   Even before the process was completed, New BrightonLabour Councillor and Vice Chairman of the Committee, Cllr Christine Spriggs moved that the committee proceeded to the vote….  Quite rightly the Chairman put her in her place explaining the process to be followed.   However this is just another example of their Control Freakery.   It really is disgraceful and disrespectful to the people of Wirral and demonstrates that Wirral Labour simply are not interested in listening to anyone



One thought on “Life under Wirral Labour

  1. Well cllr Blakely I recall that Labour tried the same move to a concluding vote at the ARMC in July 2024 which was only preinstalled by vociferous protest from public and opposition councillors alike. This before ever the 600 pages of Grant Thornton investigations were debated

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