Remember, Remember the 6th November!

Last night I received numerous reports about youths throwing fireworks at cars and in front of people around Moreton Cross, effectively terrorising people.    I spoke with our neighbourhood Police Inspector, Brian Griffiths, he told me if was not just Moreton that was suffering problems, but it was also rife in Wallasey and Woodchurch.   There was one arrest relating to fireworks in Pasture Road.   Now while this may have been a one off for Halloween it is still entirely unacceptable and must be dealt with firmly.   We must also stop any shops that sell fireworks to underage youths.   Fireworks are not toys, in the wrong hands they are deadly weapons.

Moving forward I am conscious that the Council has cancelled 6 of the 8 firework displays across the Borough in favour of their River of Light event, however Moretons firework display in Lingham Park  is one of the 2 remaining events, albeit it will take place on Sunday 6th November.   I have concerns that as we are the only display in the area many more people than normal will come along, and while that one the face of it is ok, we have to remember it may cause parking issues around the park as well as potentially more instances of anti-Social behaviour.

So today I have emailed the Councils Head of Community Safety, our Area Streetscene Manager and our Neighbourhood Police Inspector asking for a large presence in and around the park, before, during and after the display to ensure that local residents are kept safe and to minimise any instances of anti-social behaviour.   Hopefully they will do just that.