Councillors call for Special Council to discuss Girtrell Court


Amid mounting complaints and concerns about the proposed replacement for Girtrell Court, Conservative Councillors have called for the matter to be addressed by a special Council meeting.

Councillor Chris Blakeley said: “It’s clear from the users of Girtrell Court that their needs and wishes are being ignored. The Council simply cannot be trusted to look after the most vulnerable in Wirral.

“Hardly a day goes by without reports from users and their families about their loved ones being miscategorised and them not being offered the bed based respite they so desperately need.

“Since the decision was made to close Girtrell Court, it is becoming clearer by the day that the promises of an alternative equal to or better than Girtrell Court was just ‘Pie in the Sky’.

“This really is now beyond a couple of ‘errors’ and begs the question is this deliberate manipulation of the figures to make the much smaller unit at Tollemache Road fit, rather than the need being fully catered for?

“It is clear that the Head of Service recent assertion that users are changing their minds is nothing but a smokescreen to try to hide the deceitful way in which the consultation was conducted and this line is now being trotted out as the casualties are coming to light.

“The Council has failed to make the saving of £155,000, even though some of the most vulnerable people in Wirral have found the safety net that was promised to them is full of holes. Perhaps it is not only Children’s Services that should be classed as inadequate?

“The policies and performance of the current administration are unravelling – whether it is looked after children or vulnerable adults. We hope that Labour listen to the concerns of users, families and carers and do the right thing, that is scrap this crazy idea and keep Girtrell Court open.”




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