Sign the Petition to Save OUR Green Belt

My colleague Cllr Bruce Berry has asked me to post this on his behalf.

Vyner Estates have submitted a planning application to build 16 new homes on the site of the farm buildings at Diamond Farm, Saughall Road, Saughall Massie village. This is a further attack on green belt in Saughall Massie, as well as being in a conservation area.

If this development is allowed it will change the very nature of Saughall Massie Village, and open the door to other developers wanting to build on our precious green and open spaces.

Please use the link to sign this petition of opposition and help save our green belt and our conservation areas:

Thank you

Councillor Bruce Berry


2 thoughts on “Sign the Petition to Save OUR Green Belt

  1. This would harm the conservation area irreparably. This is definitely green belt land without any doubt at all. Residential houses should not be allowed in any shape or form. We need the green belt around the village for protection.

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