Another Planning Application on Green Belt Land

diamond-farm-2A planning application has been submitted for a residential development on green-belt land in the Saughall Massie Conservation area at Diamond Farm on Saughall Road.

In fact it’s two applications linked together, one is to allow the listed buildings to be altered (LBC/16/01335), and and the other to allow for 6 units from the conversion of the listed buildings and a further 10 new housing units on the rest of the site and keeping the existing farmhouse.  (App/16/01334).   So effectively, while there are two applications, if the application number 16/01334 is refused, even if application 16/01335 is approved the development cannot go ahead.

diamond-farm-1As of today the planning applications have not been validated as the planning officer dealing with the case has requested further information from the applicant.

As soon as more information is available, myself and my colleagues, Cllr Bruce Berry and Cllr Steve Williams will let the immediate and wider communities know.

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