Councillors call for Special Council to discuss Girtrell Court


Amid mounting complaints and concerns about the proposed replacement for Girtrell Court, Conservative Councillors have called for the matter to be addressed by a special Council meeting.

Councillor Chris Blakeley said: “It’s clear from the users of Girtrell Court that their needs and wishes are being ignored. The Council simply cannot be trusted to look after the most vulnerable in Wirral.

“Hardly a day goes by without reports from users and their families about their loved ones being miscategorised and them not being offered the bed based respite they so desperately need.

“Since the decision was made to close Girtrell Court, it is becoming clearer by the day that the promises of an alternative equal to or better than Girtrell Court was just ‘Pie in the Sky’.

“This really is now beyond a couple of ‘errors’ and begs the question is this deliberate manipulation of the figures to make the much smaller unit at Tollemache Road fit, rather than the need being fully catered for?

“It is clear that the Head of Service recent assertion that users are changing their minds is nothing but a smokescreen to try to hide the deceitful way in which the consultation was conducted and this line is now being trotted out as the casualties are coming to light.

“The Council has failed to make the saving of £155,000, even though some of the most vulnerable people in Wirral have found the safety net that was promised to them is full of holes. Perhaps it is not only Children’s Services that should be classed as inadequate?

“The policies and performance of the current administration are unravelling – whether it is looked after children or vulnerable adults. We hope that Labour listen to the concerns of users, families and carers and do the right thing, that is scrap this crazy idea and keep Girtrell Court open.”




Special Council Requisitioned to discuss the Girtrell Court Debacle

Today, I along with my Conservative colleagues in Wirral submitted to the Mayor a requisition to discuss the way this Labour-led Council has treated the users and carers in their haste to reprovide the Girtrell Court services at a much smaller unit in Tollemache Road, being run by Sanctuary Supported Living.

You can read the requisition by clicking HERE

We know have to wait for Wirrals Mayor to agree to this debate and to set a date and time to do so.

Save Diamond Farm Update

I reported earlier this week on the planning application to redevelop the green belt site at Diamond Farm in Saughall Massie Village (app/16/01334) The plans, while submitted are at the moment not on the Council website, but will be in the next week or so.

Since then an online petition was set up by my colleague, Cllr Bruce Berry, as well as a Save Diamond Farm Facebook page and a twitter account.

The petition has gathered almost 1200 signatures in just 4 days, but we desperately need more signatures so your support would be very much welcomed.   You can read HERE some of the comments people have made when signing the petition.

Please sign the online petition by clicking HERE

Log onto the the dedicated Facebook Page HERE click LIKE to show your support

And follow the twitter account @SaveDiamondFarm

Sign the Petition to Save OUR Green Belt

My colleague Cllr Bruce Berry has asked me to post this on his behalf.

Vyner Estates have submitted a planning application to build 16 new homes on the site of the farm buildings at Diamond Farm, Saughall Road, Saughall Massie village. This is a further attack on green belt in Saughall Massie, as well as being in a conservation area.

If this development is allowed it will change the very nature of Saughall Massie Village, and open the door to other developers wanting to build on our precious green and open spaces.

Please use the link to sign this petition of opposition and help save our green belt and our conservation areas:

Thank you

Councillor Bruce Berry


Another Planning Application on Green Belt Land

diamond-farm-2A planning application has been submitted for a residential development on green-belt land in the Saughall Massie Conservation area at Diamond Farm on Saughall Road.

In fact it’s two applications linked together, one is to allow the listed buildings to be altered (LBC/16/01335), and and the other to allow for 6 units from the conversion of the listed buildings and a further 10 new housing units on the rest of the site and keeping the existing farmhouse.  (App/16/01334).   So effectively, while there are two applications, if the application number 16/01334 is refused, even if application 16/01335 is approved the development cannot go ahead.

diamond-farm-1As of today the planning applications have not been validated as the planning officer dealing with the case has requested further information from the applicant.

As soon as more information is available, myself and my colleagues, Cllr Bruce Berry and Cllr Steve Williams will let the immediate and wider communities know.

Proposed Fire Station -Traffic Survey Results: 222,855 vehicles in two weeks, top speed over 81mph!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign to save the Green Belt and fight the plan for a Fire Station at Saughall Massie.  Thank you, also, to those residents who donated towards the cost of a traffic survey – following the Town Hall’s refusal to pay for one.

The survey results confirmed just how busy Saughall Massie Road really is, and more importantly just how fast traffic travels in both directions.  With the level of speed and volume of traffic revealed by this independent survey, we are amazed that a serious accident has not already occurred.  We hope the results will strengthen our case that this planning application should be refused.

Volume of traffic: The survey showed that, over two weeks, 222,855 vehicles used the road. While this was mainly cars, there were also 8,386 goods vehicles and buses.

Traffic speeds:  This information demonstrated that the speed of traffic in both directions needs addressing. Average speeds of 39.7mph eastbound and 40.5mph westbound are revealed – 10mph above the speed limit.  The fastest recorded speeds registered were between 81 and 120mph.

The Council Officer who provided me with the data was clearly concerned as he said in his covering email: “I will ensure this information is passed onto Merseyside Police for enforcement consideration”. 

The full results can be seen on HERE alternatively if you would like a paper copy please let me, Bruce or Steve know and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.

The traffic survey the Town Hall did not want reveals danger on proposed fire station route!


An independent traffic survey, crowd funded by Saughall Massie residents, has revealed more than 222,000 vehicles passed the site of the proposed Fire Station in a two week period. The top speeds of vehicles were recorded at between 81 and 120 miles per hour on Saughall Massie Road.

The Town Hall had previously refused requests by local councillors for a traffic survey and so, with donations from residents, councillors raised the £400 themselves.

Councillor Bruce Berry said: “Thank you to those residents who donated towards the cost of this survey – the results show that it has been money well spent.

“With more than 222,000 cars and lorries on this road, travelling at speeds of more than 81 miles per hour, this is yet more evidence that the green belt at Saughall Massie is the wrong location for a fire station.

“The fire engines would not only have to compete with this number of vehicles, they would also have to navigate the narrow, winding lanes towards Hoylake, Meols and West Kirby in the event of an emergency.”

Les Spencer, Chairman of the Saughall Massie Village Area Conservation Society, added: “A development of this size, in our precious Green Belt and next to our historic Conservation Area is the last place the Fire Authority should be looking at. We know this was their third choice and, if anything, it’s their worst choice.”