Proposed Fire Station on Green Belt Land in Saughall Massie – An Email to the Planning Officer

Dear Jo

As this application gets ever closer to you writing a report and making a recommendation we just wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the words of your colleague, Sheila Day in her pre-planning advice of the 13th November, 2015.

” I am concerned, that in the light of your fall-back scenario of being able to redevelop the fire station at Upton within the urban area and with no impact on the Green Belt, very special circumstances will not exist. In which case, planning permission is not likely to be granted.”

We believe her words encapsulate the situation exactly, and while the fire service has not shown their existing Upton site as one of the sites considered in their planning application, it is nevertheless an option, it is their Fall Back position, as they themselves have clearly stated, and one for which the Government grant can be utilised.

Given this scenario there can be absolutely no reason that any very special circumstances exist.    We would therefore ask that you give very real consideration to this when determining this matter, and respectfully request that your recommendation is one of ‘Refusal’

Yours sincerely

Cllr Chris Blakeley, Cllr Bruce Berry, Cllr Steve Williams

Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward

Wirral Borough Council

7 thoughts on “Proposed Fire Station on Green Belt Land in Saughall Massie – An Email to the Planning Officer

  1. There is space close to Upton fire station for a new build on the former ‘Champion Spark Plug’ site. Literally within sight of the current station, this site could also accommmode police and ambulance services (my fear is that consolidation of all 3 services on one site might be a so far unrevealed long term aim). An additional potential disaster for Saughall Massie??

  2. Any revamp of Upton Fire Station will result in poorer response times for West Wirral, the best place for a new Fire Station is equidistant between the affected areas so as not to lessen the service to the affected areas unnecessarily.

    The suggest site in Saughall Massie is such a site and would be ideally placed.

    With possible censorship on negative views I wonder if this will be published or censored.

  3. There is no censorship on my website, as long as it is not an abusive or irrelevant comment. However moving it to Saughall Massie will result in longer response times to the area that currently has 90% of responses required

  4. I agree Councillor and thank you for publishing my comment.

    You are a credit to the people you serve and I have said so previously. I will go as far as to say I wish you were my Councillor as one of my councillors never even bothered to reply to me over the fire station issue. That is the only issue we disagree on.

    What I would like to see is the censorship on the save our green belt face book page which was created by you or someone at your address to stop. I feel it only right that a public social media page such as that should not be censored unless comments are abusive insulting or irrelevant.

    Let’s have a level playing field please Councillor.

  5. The Facebook page us the responsibility of the administrator. With regards to A level playing field. I suggest you talk to the Council and the Fire Service about that. It’s something neither appear to understand the principal of…….

  6. Councillor, thank you once again for a prompt reply. can you please advise me of contact details of the administrator so I can discuss the censorship I have previously mentioned.

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