Open and Transparent – So Why the Delay?

Last week I submitted a request, supported by three members (to comply with the constitution) for a special meeting of the Councils Business Committee to investigate allegations that the Councils Community Patrol was being used to provide security to private businesses and individuals.

Two days later I receive an email from Democratic Services  saying I can’t requisition a meeting with three signatories, telling me I had to have the agreement of spokespeople and Chair.    I replied pointing out the wording in the constitution that allowed me to do that.

So about four hours later I receive another communication, this time telling me that it was not the Business Committees remit and it would have to be Environment Committee, so I duly arrange for three signatories from that committee to requisition a meeting.

So today I receive an email telling me the Chair of the Environment Committee, Labour Councillor Philip Brightmore had agreed to the meeting but not until some time in NOVEMBER, that will be at least 8 weeks after my request.     Now for a Council that professes to be open and transparent, I have to ask why the delay?

It’s our Council tax that is paying for community patrol surely it is in everyone’s interest to ensure they are only protecting our Councils property.     Over to you Councillor Brightmore.



2 thoughts on “Open and Transparent – So Why the Delay?

  1. The Community Patrol supplies security services to schools both maintained, Academies and voluntary aided schools. All schools pay for this service so it is not strictly true to say that the service is paid for by Council Tax. Any service supplied to any business is paid fro at a commercial rate. This is to ensure that the service operates under Council Policy that it must not make a loss.

  2. Dear Mr Lester I am aware that schools have a service level agreement, however I have a list of premises that are checked by community patrol that is not paid for, including the Cherry Tree Centre. Now if they are not paying who is? The answer is the Council taxpayer!

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