Wirral Labour Council slammed by Ofsted for its failure to look after Children.

In a damning, and in places chilling report, Ofsted have rated Wirral Borough Council as INADEQUATE.   The full Ofsted report can be read by clicking HERE

Its clear from this that the Labour Group on Wirral, who have publicly stated that they are RULING this Council have been sleeping on the job, and it really is time that the Leader of the Council and his Cabinet resigned.   They have failed the most vulnerable children in our care.

You only have to look at Lyndale School and Girtrell Court to witness how callous and thoughtless this lot is.

Read what the Wirral Globe says HERE


One thought on “The Word is INADEQUATE!

  1. At last someone is recognising the appalling attitudes and lack of service those who are supposed to help and support children and parents and often make matters worse. They have no understanding and recognition of professional conduct, domestic violence and abuse and fail to address important issues while recording inaccurate information on accessments they fail to fully complete. This leaves a total lack of confidence in a service which fails enormously

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