Millhouse Pub Update

Over the last few days there has been an exchange of emails between myself and Darren Leary of Galliford Try, (reproduced below) who are the owners of the Millhose Pub site.

The site has been neglected over the months and has become a real eyesore.    Hopefully the promises made by Mr Leary regarding tidying the site and securing it will come to fruition.    Time will tell

From: “Darren Leary (Galliford Try)” <>
Date: 7 September 2016 at 19:33:37 BST
To: “Blakeley, Chris (Councillor)” <>
Cc: “Williams, Stephen M. (Councillor)” <>, “Berry, Bruce (Councillor)” <>
Subject: RE: Millhouse Pub Site

Mr Blakeley,

Galliford Try is currently in the process of arranging to remove the fly tipping and erecting some further security measures with a view to restricting access to the site. This will be done in the next 7 days. Vegetation will also be trimmed back in the near future.


Darren Leary
Development Director

Tel: +441925885700

Galliford Try Partnerships North West
Innovation House
Kelburn Court, Birchwood
Cheshire WA3 6UT

From: Blakeley, Chris (Councillor) []
Sent: 06 September 2016 13:55
To: Darren Leary (Galliford Try)
Cc: Greg Fitzgerald (Galliford Try plc); Williams, Stephen M. (Councillor); Berry, Bruce (Councillor)
Subject: Millhouse Pub Site

Dear Mr Leary

I am aware that my colleagues and local residents have contacted you regarding the appalling state of this site, which has become a magnet for fly tippers and all kinds of trouble.

Having seen many emails I am also aware that you have chosen to lay the blame for the lack of development and the subsequent condition of the site on local Councillors, who supported local residents in opposing the planning application. Before you deny that please read this direct quote from one of your emails. The scheme was refused only once by local councillors at Committee influenced by some fairly spurious statements by one local member in particular.

Regardless of that, the maintenance, protection and upkeep of this site is the sole responsibility of Galliford Try, a multi-billion £ company that boasts revenues of £2.3billion. Yet for reasons clearly best known to yourself you appear to want to leave this site, located in a densely populated residential area on a main thoroughfare in a forlorn and unkempt state, is this to punish local residents for having the audacity to object to your original planning application?

On behalf of local residents I request that you stop delaying and take immediate action to clean up this site, remove the fly tipping, cut back the vegetation and maintain to an acceptable standard until such time that you have a development ready to be started, and or you sell the land to another individual or company.

Myself, my colleagues and local residents do not believe that this is too much to ask. I have attached photographs taken by me this morning that are representative of the condition of this site.

I look forward, to hopefully, a positive response

Yours sincerely

Chris Blakeley
Councillor for Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward

74, Grampian Way, Moreton CH46 0PZ

Tel: 0151 677 9040

Mob: 07803 614418

Twitter: @CllrCBlakeley