Local Councillors to Pay £400 for Traffic Surveys after Town Hall Refuses to!


The Town Hall has made a surprise refusal to undertake a study into the impact of traffic caused by the plan for a fire station in Saughall Massie’s Green Belt.

As a result, the three councillors in Moreton West & Saughall Massie have confirmed they will pay for an independent study and share the results with residents.

Councillors had previously requested a full assessment of the impact at the site of the proposed fire station in Saughall Massie, only to be told by the Town Hall that the likely cost, at £400, could not be afforded.

The proposal for a fire station in the Green Belt between Saughall Massie and Meols is the Fire Authority’s third choice – they have previously identified sites in Greasby and the existing station at Upton as being more suitable.

Following the refusal to pay for a study, Councillor Bruce Berry said: “It doesn’t seem right that the Council’s Planning Committee would not be given all the facts about this particular site.

“It’s bad enough that our precious Green Belt and Conservation Area will be damaged, but to refuse to even consider the impact it will have on pedestrians, cyclists and other road users is bizarre.”

The Council’s Head of Regulation and Environment, Mark Smith, advised that that the brief ‘Transport Statement’ produced by the Fire Authority will be sufficient.

Councillor Berry added: “If I need a fire tackling, I’ll call the Fire Service but, if we need to know about traffic, I’m not persuaded that they are the experts. Hopefully, an independent study will give us all the full facts on this application, not least the impact this plan will have on traffic.”