Council Leader says NO

A couple of weeks ago I asked the Leader of the Council to treat the people of Saughall Massie as fairly as he treated the people of Greasby with regard to the proposal to build a fire station on Green Belt land in Saughall Massie. We all know that when the people of Greasby objected to a fire station being built in their community the Leader of the Council instructed Council Officers to withdraw the land.

So I don’t believe it’s unreasonable for him to do the same for the 3,000 plus people of Saughall Massie who have already objected to the application in their community.    However in his email response to me he has said he won’t withdraw the land and wants the planning process to run its course.

Strangely I would have thought it incumbent on any Council leader, of any political persuasion to act in a consistent manner and treat all residents of the Borough with fairness and equality.   Sadly in Wirral under this Labour administration this is not the case.   I wonder why?    

3 thoughts on “Council Leader says NO

  1. That’s an absolute disgrace but tipical of the leader. Why do I get the feeling that it it a forgone conclusion that it will go ahead.
    I am furious that our good money is being spent on a new build, when the current buildings in West Kirby and Upton could continue to serve the community with a refurbishment and are more central to more of the community. It makes no sense but of course the Labour counsellors don’t make much sense at the best of times. Why are Saughall Massie residents voices different to those of Greasby? We should all be afforded the same fairness and equality.

  2. It’s all down to money, some one has offered a big kickback/bribe to the council so the new one gets built so the old one are for sale ? Proberly to the lowest bidder, ie the one who gave the kickback in the first place. That’s how it all works in a corrupt council.

  3. I agree with the previous comments, someone, and they know who they are, and more is the pity they won’t stand and be counted, will stand to gain from this fiasco. Common sense and fairness should prevail but surely this Council. do not practice it when it comes to filling the townHall Coffers at the citizens expense, just Council members manipulating the Rate Payers funds. These are the people of whom it is said, didn’t know the true value of the land, much to the benefit of the Fire Service who won’t have to pay top dollar to Imput an unnecessary new build in a Place where the residents of Upton do not want it. Using this area with its increasingly busy roads and narrow lanes is an accident waiting to happen. The Greasby Community would seem to have someone with more persuasive powers of some description, than Upton which is experiencing being ridden roughshod over as those on the Council hide behind their anonymity. Shame on whoever is responsible and eventually it will emerge and the voting public will I hope vote their disgust by withholding their votes in the next elections. There people seem to forget it is the residents whom they have to thank for their employment. Why did Greasby’s request for a Stay of Planning Permission succeed. There is something unsavoury in the situation, and as discussed in the Local Newspapers this Council are behaving very badly and undemocraticlly driving WILD HORSES past .

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