This 93 year old D-Day Veteran Deserves Peace and Quiet!

I received this comment on the online petition opposing the building of a new fire station on Green Belt land on Saughall Massie Road next to the sheltered accommodation at Woodpecker Close   If, like me you agree with this mans daughter, Michelle I would implore you to sign this online petition by clicking HERE and submit your objection to the planning department as well by clicking HERE

My father and sister live in the bungalows adjoining the proposed site and looked long and hard for suitable accommodation when my mother was alive. My father is now 93, a D-Day veteran, and surely deserving of a bit of peace and quiet in his latter years. The accommodation is supposed to be warden assisted as most, if not all of his neighbours have health related issues. How does the building and running ( 365 days a year) of the proposed facility improve the quality of life of these residents?