Brickworks Update!

Along with Bruce and Steve I met with Council Officers following the ongoing problems of noise and dust from the brickworks site in Carr Lane.

We have now received an update from the Council on the current status of permitted operations. That update can be read by clicking HERE 

If you require any further information on this please contact us.



Council Leader says NO

A couple of weeks ago I asked the Leader of the Council to treat the people of Saughall Massie as fairly as he treated the people of Greasby with regard to the proposal to build a fire station on Green Belt land in Saughall Massie. We all know that when the people of Greasby objected to a fire station being built in their community the Leader of the Council instructed Council Officers to withdraw the land.

So I don’t believe it’s unreasonable for him to do the same for the 3,000 plus people of Saughall Massie who have already objected to the application in their community.    However in his email response to me he has said he won’t withdraw the land and wants the planning process to run its course.

Strangely I would have thought it incumbent on any Council leader, of any political persuasion to act in a consistent manner and treat all residents of the Borough with fairness and equality.   Sadly in Wirral under this Labour administration this is not the case.   I wonder why?    

This 93 year old D-Day Veteran Deserves Peace and Quiet!

I received this comment on the online petition opposing the building of a new fire station on Green Belt land on Saughall Massie Road next to the sheltered accommodation at Woodpecker Close   If, like me you agree with this mans daughter, Michelle I would implore you to sign this online petition by clicking HERE and submit your objection to the planning department as well by clicking HERE

My father and sister live in the bungalows adjoining the proposed site and looked long and hard for suitable accommodation when my mother was alive. My father is now 93, a D-Day veteran, and surely deserving of a bit of peace and quiet in his latter years. The accommodation is supposed to be warden assisted as most, if not all of his neighbours have health related issues. How does the building and running ( 365 days a year) of the proposed facility improve the quality of life of these residents?

Are Wirral’s Council Taxpayers funding Private Security Service

It’s been revealed that Wirral’s Community Patrol Service, set up to provide security to Council buildings, is also being used to provide ‘free’ security for a number of private and commercial organisations

Initially I was advised that the Council was providing security patrols at Angela Eagle’s Office, presumably to protect her from her own members after the brick through a window in the building.

However, after further investigations, the Town Hall supplied a list of other venues, from the Cherry Tree Shopping Centre in Liscard to a private housing development at Milner Street.

At a time when the Town Hall tells us there is no money, why is the taxpayer subsidising private security to building owners who should be paying for their own security? While these properties are being patrolled, Council buildings, parks and open spaces are not getting the full attention of the Community Patrol.

You can read the report in the Liverpool Echo by clicking HERE

Wirral Council – Thoughtless!


Commenting on the introduction of an ‘app’ for carers by Wirral Council, Councillor Chris Blakeley said: “How disappointing that, having told carers with relatives at Girtrell Court, to fend for themselves, the Council should now decide to lecture the rest of us that ‘caring can be a daunting process’. Either the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing or, more likely, nobody thought about the families at Girtrell Court before sending out this press release.”

From: Glover, Nicholas
Sent: 10 August 2016 11:33
Subject: Are you caring for someone? Wirral to increase support for carers with free App

10 August 2016

· ‘Jointly’ app available for free to Wirral carers
· Brings together appointments, files, medication details
· Council working with charity Carers UK

Are you caring for someone? Wirral to increase support for carers with free App

Wirral Council is joining forces with a national charity to offer support to carers via an online ‘app’.

The app, which can be used on tablets and mobile phones, is called ‘Jointly’ and will help with setting up appointments, saving files and medical notes, managing medication and supplying information about your rights as a carer.

Managed by Carers UK, it includes the Upfront Guide to Caring, a simple tool which helps new carers to navigate the Carers UK website, and About Me, an online e-learning course to help people who feel overwhelmed by their caring responsibilities.

Cllr Chris Jones, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care said: ‘Caring for a relative can be a daunting prospect, but there is a great deal of support available. As well as accessing short breaks, home care and day care, carers can now use Carers UK’s free online app to manage their resources and their time.

‘The Jointly app helps carers to create a circle of care for their loved ones, bringing together information about medication, care files and appointments in one place.

‘This supports carers and loved ones to be independent and live well, as we have pledged through our 2020 council plan.’

To find out more about the Jointly app, visit and create a new account using the free code DGTL2844.

To find out more about the support available for carers in Wirral, visit or contact the Carers Helpline 0151 670 0777.


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For further information contact Nick Glover, Press Officer, Wirral Council.