Out of touch Town Hall carries on regardless…

Well would you expect them to listen to common sense?

Wallasey & Moreton

In the space of less than 24 hours, Labour councillors have decided to ‘carry on regardless’ with two controversial decisions that had been called in by Conservatives for further investigation.

On Tuesday, the plan to scrap fortnightly collection of domestic waste and, instead, introduce a three-weekly collection, was questioned by Conservatives after it was revealed the Council’s consultation was restricted to the choices it has made, and to run for just six weeks over the summer holidays.  Judging by the comments online, the public has yet to be persuaded of the merits of this move.

The next day, Labour’s plan to spend £237,000 to produce a 28-page newspaper, to rival the Wirral Globe and other local papers, was subjected to three hours of questions. During that meeting, several senior officers confirmed that the plan was ‘risky’ as it could be in breach of Government guidelines but Labour councillors decided…

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