Chris, Bruce and Steve urge Wirral to ‘fly the flag’ as EURO 2016 looms.


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MORETON’S THREE CONSERVATIVE Councillors are urging Wirral Borough Council to fly the flag of St. George during the Euro Championships this summer.

Cllr’s Chris Blakeley, Bruce Berry and Steve Williams believe that public buildings in the Borough, including Town Halls, Civic Centres and schools should fly the flag, as many do now for the flag of the European Union.

The Councillors have asked the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive to act and demonstrate our Council’s support for the England Team.

Cllr Blakeley said: “Football was invented by the English and our region above all others has the game firmly set in its cultural heart.  Most English citizens are keen to see our team do well, and we believe that our Council and its institutions should support this sentiment.”

Cllr Berry added: “Regrettably our national flag has often been hi-jacked by extremist groups and it is about time that it was brought back into mainstream use and given the respect, it and our cultural inheritance deserves.

“We are English, British and European – in that order.  If the Council can regularly fly the British Union flag and the European Union flag then surely it is not unreasonable for the Council to display our English national flag”, added Cllr Steve Williams

The Scottish and Welsh have had formal political recognition of their nationality.  Cardiff and Edinburgh are flying their national flags on public buildings all year round.


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