The first act of a Conservative Council in Wirral will be…

Wallasey & Moreton

…to keep Girtrell Court open. No ifs. No buts. We’ll scrap Labour’s plan to close our only Council-run respite care centre.

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4 thoughts on “The first act of a Conservative Council in Wirral will be…

  1. Chris what would happen if there was a hung council, will this keep Girtrell open or always have this threat of closure in the future. Many staff are in their forties and fifties and want to have the chance of being employed else where before they are older. Could there also be a threat of being taken over by an outside contractors.If girtrell could remain open it needs money spending on it badly .

  2. Hi. What would happen if it was a hung Council. That would depend on who entered into a coalition with the largest party. The Director has £1Million capital available to spend on Girtell Court so that would not be a problem. Finally would a private company take over the running of Girtell Court, while always an option it would be very unlikely.

  3. Poor turn out for local election has not helped Girtrell Court but thank you and everyone who fought with you Chris. You do a wonderful job representing us here and we appreciate all the hard work. I am sure you will carry on doing what is right for this borough and especially your constituents.

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