Live in Moreton West & Saughall Massie?

Wallasey & Moreton

Chris BlakeleyChris Blakeley needs your vote on Thursday 5th May. The last elections in this ward were really close and there are just 133 votes between us and Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate.  Three good reasons to vote for Chris:

  1. Chris is an active councillor in this community all year round. He doesn’t just ‘pop up’ at election time.
  2. UKIP and the other minor parties can’t win here – only a vote for Chris will stop Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate from winning.
  3. The last time our community had Labour councillors it was a disaster – they were hardly ever seen and repeatedly voted to put Birkenhead, not Moreton, first.

If you need any help to get to vote, or are unsure where to vote on Thursday, call Chris on 07803 614418.

If you have any questions about your postal vote or the election process, call Wirral’s Elections Unit on 691 8046.

Your vote on…

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