In today’s Globe: Town Hall reserves reach £108 million

Wallasey & Moreton

In today’s Wirral Globe, and ahead of the council elections next week, local Conservatives from across Wirral are highlighting the massive increase in the Town Hall’s cash reserves.

Judging by the response on the doorsteps, this is now a key issue for voters and one on which Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour candidates have, so far, remained silent.  The Globe has a readership of almost 140,000 people, in all parts of the Borough.

In a four-page special in the Globe, local Conservatives:

  • reveal how Wirral’s Labour Leadership has plans for the ‘cash in the bank’ to hit a record £108 million this year
  • list the 23 local Conservative candidates who are challenging Labour – the only Party that is challenging Labour in all seats
  • publish key points from our Plan for Wirral which follows thousands of doorstep conversations and surveys with residents
  • show why David Burgess-Joyce is the candidate with the most experience in…

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