Fire Station on Green Belt in Saughall Massie

IMG_2559It seems that Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service have, as yet, not been able to submit a planning application for their proposed new fire station on Green Belt land in Saughall Massie because they have to determine if there are any Great Crested Newts in the nearby pond!   However once they have carried out that survey they do intend to submit an application.   More information can be found in the email below:

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From: Schofield, Colin
Sent: 27 April 2016
Subject: RE: Fire Station – Saughall Massie

As the proposed development site is within 200m of an established pond, we are required by law to carry out an ecological survey to establish, amongst other things, if any protected species (e.g. Great Crested Newts) are present & if they are, come up with an appropriate mitigation strategy to ensure they are not harmed during any works. Surveys can only be carried out at times when such species are active (i.e. not during the winter months) & consequently we were unable to proceed with the survey until the temperature improved sufficiently to allow this to take place. The survey is currently underway & we should have the results within the next few weeks. The survey findings, together with any mitigation strategy, need to be submitted as part of the planning application to Wirral Borough Council.

I hope this explains why no planning application has yet been submitted. I anticipate that the planning application will be made in the next few months although I cannot be more precise at present.


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