Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party: losing support locally, and set to lose seats nationally

Wallasey & Moreton

This weekend, local Conservatives met the 100th voter who said that, while they voted Labour last time, they won’t vote Labour this time. The top reasons given by voters, who expressed a view, were:

  • The direction taken by Labour since Jeremy Corbyn was elected Leader
  • Dissatisfaction with Wirral’s Labour-run Town Hall, notably the threat to Girtrell Court
  • Disbelief that the Town Hall is set to have reserves of £108 million while increasing Council Tax
  • Not knowing who the local Labour candidate is and/or having not heard from them

Across Wirral, Labour currently has 39 of the 66 Councillors and has all 10 seats in the ruling Cabinet. The Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council are Labour Councillors and all four MPs in the Borough are also Labour.

Only the Conservatives are challenging Labour in all 23 council seats – UKIP and the Liberal Democrats have all but collapsed.

Nationally, things are even…

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