Fly tipping – Labour Council response.

imageLast week I reported some fly tipping and littering on a small piece of fenced off grass area in Lingham Lane and asked for it to be cleaned up ASAP.    The response I got from the Council absolutely astounded me saying it would be collected next time the road was due it’s 12 weekly clean and that’s not due for another 4 weeks.    I have appended the Council response below.

Dear Councillor Chris Blakeley,

Thank you for your report to Wirral Council.

Date of report: 12/04/2016

Street and Town: Lingham Lane; Moreton Ward: Moreton West And Saughall Massie

Reference number: 1010328

Details: grassed area in Lingham Lane, close to its junction with Harvest Lane that is subjected to fly tipping

The street cleansing inspector has visited to inspect and reports that this area will be cleared as per the scheduled cleanse.


Carol Decker

While it may seem a small amount of debris it is located in a densely populated area and people who live there should not have to put up with this.   The Councils response is totally unacceptable and I have now escalated this matter to a Stategic Director asking that this is actioned in the next few days, not in a months time.

3 thoughts on “Fly tipping – Labour Council response.

  1. Perhaps the people who live there shouldnt have dumped it? Or are you suggesting that people bus in from Gayton to drop litter in your constituency?
    Perhaps you believe that you should receive preferential treatment every time you have a hissy fit rather than contributing to addressing the cause of the issue?

  2. Dear Dante

    Thank you for your comment, albeit you are afraid to comment with your real name, and unlike me you hide behind a Pseudonym. Anyway moving on to the substance of your comment. No I am not suggesting that people are bussing in the rubbish from Gayton, or for that matter from elsewhere, neither am I saying the people who live nearby have created this mess. No I don’t expect preferential treatment, however I do expect fairness from this Labour dominated council which is clearly biased towards Birkenhead. The response from the Labour Council saying the fly tipped debris could remain where it was for another 4/5 weeks is unacceptable in any community. Finally I would point you to ‘Our plan for a better Wirral’ Thank you again for your comment. Ps. I am pleased to say having just visited the location the debris has now been removed. I call that a result for speaking up for the community I have been elected to represent.

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