Which candidates have signed the Clean Campaign Pledge?

Wallasey & Moreton

At every election, some campaigners can, how can we put this?, ‘get carried away‘. Claims and counter claims, mud slinging and name calling. It makes candidates go wild but, for the voters, it’s just another example of politicians being politicians and ignoring the real issues.

So, this year’s council elections will see many candidates invited to sign the new ‘Clean Campaign Pledge’ and to stick to it between now and May 5th.

Letters have been sent to every candidate in New Brighton, Wallasey and Moreton West & Saughall Massie asking them to sign up to the seven principles of the pledge.

So far, Chris Blakeley, Tony Pritchard and Ian Lewis have signed. We’ll report back this weekend on who else has signed up.

Here is the Clean Campaign Pledge:

1. To show by our actions that politics need not be a dirty game, but can be a clean…

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