Only the Conservatives are challenging Labour in Wirral

Wallasey & Moreton

The Town Hall has, today, published details of all the candidates for this year’s council elections. Of the 23 seats, only the Conservatives and Labour are fighting for all 23.

UKIP, which once had hopes of gaining a seat in the Council, is now down to just nine candidates, including one who lives in Liverpool.

Meanwhile, the nominations confirm that Labour has dumped their ‘moderate’ Chairman of the Wallasey Constituency Committee, Cllr. Rob Gregson in New Brighton – the second Labour Councillor to be dumped in that ward, following similar treatment of Pat Glasman in 2014.

The seven Conservative candidates in Wallasey and Moreton are:

  • Tony Pritchard (New Brighton)
  • Chris Blakeley (Moreton West & Saughall Massie)
  • Ian Lewis (Wallasey Ward)
  • Will Eborall (Leasowe & Moreton East)
  • John Laing (Seacombe & Poulton)
  • Ann Parry and Ann Lavin (Liscard & Egremont)

We’ll be adding biographical details for each candidate to this website…

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