Wirral Greens Support Local Conservatives!

I am delighted that Wirral Green Party are supporting the Conservatives in opposing the closure of Girtrell Court

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Girtrell Court, a crushing indictment

Wirral Labour’s effective abandonment of Girtrell Court is a crushing indictment of their failure to protect public services.
It is abundantly clear that a huge number of families place immense value on having a secure, designated facility for respite care. Forcing these families to navigate private sector options is, for most, an additional burden they neither want or need.
We are told the future of Girtrell Court is not about saving money. It is therefore a political choice by a Labour council to prioritise private over public provision. The evidence suggests that this will lead to a reduction in the quality of service at a higher cost to taxpayers.
Cllr Pat Cleary
Green Party Councillor
Birkenhead and Tranmere