Democracy, Wirral Labour Style!

Tonight we saw what Wirral could be like after the next elections – a Town Hall that is unable to accept they made a mistake and unwilling to listen to anyone who disagrees with them.

Tonight’s debate was the last opportunity before the Council elections for the ruling Labour Group to admit they have got it wrong on Girtrell Court and, instead, use some of the Council’s £108 million reserves to keep this centre open. Sadly, they have flunked it.

I know there are some Labour Councillors who, privately, do not support this plan – perhaps that’s why the Leader, and the people he surrounds himself with nowadays, were keen to avoid, at all costs, any debate on this really important issue.

The Leader of the Council may have successfuly gagged his own councillors tonight, but he hasn’t gagged me, the trade unions, the staff or the families of those who believe he is making a massive mistake in pursuing closure.

Cllr. Davies may have been laughing at the end of the debate, but I hope the last laugh will be with the families. We must keep up pressure to prevent closure.

Read the Wirral Globe article by clicking HERE

4 thoughts on “Democracy, Wirral Labour Style!

  1. Now will someone have the decency to let the staff who want to leave the sinking ship (Girtrell Court) go with their money and stop playing mind games with people’s lives . This moving the goal posts because decision makers can’t decided what to do next will still have their jobs and Girtrell Court staff have to find another one . Sorry for all the families and staff of girtrell court it’s a wonderful service but end the stupid games.

  2. Dear Jobseeker

    I am sorry you think we are playing games with people’s lives, I can assure you we are not. We are doing our very best to protect the 133 families who rely on Girtrell Court as well as the professional caring staff who work there.


    Cllr Chris Blakeley

  3. Chris I am not being critical of you and the councillors who support Girtrell Court at all. It is the people who don’t care except to save money but gain bigger pay rises at other peoples exspense. You and the families deserve medals for all you have done but some staff have been here before and have had enough of the way things are run.Thank you for fighting for what is right .

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