Round up of the week!

Clearly the biggest issue of the week was the Council budget meeting, and Labours decision to continue with the closure proposals for Girtrell Court.   You can read more on that HERE

Local residents also contacted me about, yep you guessed it street lighting, I have reported numerous lights out this week to the Councils Head of Lighting.   He tells me they will all be repaired.

imageGirtrell Road, residents have again asked what can be done to stop people parking on the grass verges causing damage, particularly in the wet weather we are experiencing.  I have asked the Council if we can have bollards or some small trees planted on the verges that local residents can adopt.

Proposed new Fire Station.   We have still not had a planning application submitted, I understand the Fire Authority are carrying out environmental and topographical surveys, as soon as those are complete we can expect an application.    We know that last year the Labour candidate in the local elections supported the building of this new Fire Station, despite massive opposition from local people, Saughall Massie Conservation Society, the Wirral Society and me, Steve and Bruce.   Watch this space.   In the meantime there is an online petition that can be signed if like us you opposed to building on the green belt please sign it HERE

Finally it would be remiss of me not to mention the revelations that came out of Wallasey Town Hall this week as reported in the Wirral Globe