Labour Councillors ignore pleas to save Girtrell Court

Wallasey & Moreton


The public gallery was full at tonight’s Council meeting in Wallasey as protesters against Labour’s plan to close Girtrell Court heckled claims that closure was about extending ‘choice’.

Councillor Chris Blakeley waved copies of Labour newsletters that had, at the time, slammed closure of respite centres and demanded that the Leader of the Council u-turn on the plan.

In his response, the Leader of the Council, nicknamed ‘Power Boy Pip’ on Wirral Leaks, told Councillors and protesters that his closure plan wasn’t about saving money but, instead, ‘this change is being done to increase choice’. ‘Rubbish’ was one of the more polite responses from the public.

Attempts by Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors to stop the closure were defeated as every Labour Councillor present voted to proceed with the plan.

At the same time, it was noted that the Town Hall now has £108 million in ‘reserves’.

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2 thoughts on “Labour Councillors ignore pleas to save Girtrell Court

  1. wallasey Town hall has £108 million reserves!!!!???
    Why is so much ‘reserved’?
    This is a mad,mad,world without a doubt!
    What is going on!??

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