Life Means Life

Media release – Wirral Conservative Group
Tuesday 29th March 2016

Life means life, say retired council staff

More than 400 long serving members of staff at Wirral Council have been told to return their retirement gifts in a letter received over the Easter weekend.

Employees with 25 years’ or more in local government service are given a ‘Passport for Life’ by the Council as their retirement gift. The ‘passport’ gives them free use Council-run golf courses, fitness suites, leisure and recreation centres.

In January 2016 Conservative Councillors questioned the evidence for the move, specifically asking how much of the overall saving by removing a range of ‘leisure concessions’ was attributable to staff.

Councillor Chris Blakeley said: “The double standards are breath taking. Senior directors are walking away with cheques for thousands of pounds, yet some of the lowest-paid but longest serving staff are now being told to return their retirement gift.

“Can you imagine any other employer basically going into someone’s living room and removing the pensioner’s carriage clock?

“There is no evidence that this move will ‘save’ money – we have no idea how many of the 411 retired staff use their passes, how often or if they will pay to use the leisure centre or simply go to a private gym when their ‘Passport for Life’ is cancelled. In this case, life should mean life.”


For more information please call Cllr. Chris Blakeley on 07803 614418

Notes to editors:

A report by officers considered by the Policy & Performance Co-ordinating Committee on 16 February stated: ‘Members also felt that the amount identified (£500k) was somewhat notional as there was no way of knowing how many of those currently using the facilities for free would become paying customers in the future’

Fly Tippers return

Over the last week or so fly tippers have been busy dumping their unwanted rubbish in Carr Lane, Moreton.image

There are three instances, old carpet in one location, garden waste/turf in another and close by to that there are bags, debris and an old gas bottle.image

Why people simply can’t take their unwanted items to one of the recycling centres is beyond me, instead they would rather pollute our environment.

I have asked the Council to clear it ASAP, and consider installing CCTV at this location.





Mayor Agrees to Calls for Girtrell Court Debate


Following concerns raised by campaigners fighting to save Girtrell Court, the Mayor of Wirral, Cllr. Les Rowlands, has agreed to calls for an extraordinary meeting of all 66 councillors.

The demand for the meeting followed concerns that public statements from members of Wirral’s Cabinet were confused and, at times, contradictory.

Cllr. Chris Blakeley said: “In the last 14 days, we have been told, ‘yeah, but no, but maybe’ by the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health over the future of Girtrell Court.

“At the same time, the Leader of the Council pledged to be open and transparent only to then delegate the decision to the Cabinet Member and Director, out of public view and with no reference to the rest of his Cabinet.

“This whole sorry saga has proved to be traumatic to the staff and families; it has appalled the trade unions and ward councillors in Saughall Massie. I believe the Cabinet Member should now make it clear what, if anything, she has decided and on what evidence. Neither I, nor the families, believe the repeated claims about ‘extending choice’ – it is, in truth, about closing services.”

Councillor Blakeley has now emailed the Head of Law to seek confirmation of the date of the meeting and to ensure that notice is given to petitioners, families, staff and unions.


Reintroduce care home inspections, says councillor

Great idea!

Wallasey & Moreton

A senior Wirral Councillor is calling for visits to nursing and care homes in the Borough. The call follows a series of poor reports by the Care Quality Commission into the standard of care provided to Wirral’s elderly and vulnerable residents.

Councillor Lesley Rennie, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Councillors, said: “With the vast majority of care in Wirral now provided by the independent care sector, I believe we must look again at the standards being provided.

“Most homes provide a very good level of care for the rates paid by the Council but, as the CQC has revealed, some do not. It is not acceptable for the Town Hall to pass the buck. When the Council ran care homes, we would often visit, sometimes unannounced, to see for ourselves the care that was being provided. Over time, this has fallen by the wayside.

“I believe the time is right…

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Wallasey residents to ‘have their say’ on local candidate

It was a real pleasure to help distribute this letter for Ian, all 10,300 steps equalling 4.78 Miles

Wallasey & Moreton

Ian has been out and about meeting residents - such as Brenda, in Northcote Road. Ian has been out and about meeting residents – such as Brenda, in Northcote Road.

For the first time, registered voters in Wallasey Ward are being asked to choose a candidate. Letters are being delivered today to around 11,000 voters in ward, following the decision by Cllr. Leah Fraser not to seek re-election as councillor in May.

The letter, from Cllr. Lesley Rennie, seeks residents’ views on whether former councillor Ian Lewis should be the candidate for the local Conservatives at the council election.

Cllr. Rennie said: “Ahead of the next Council elections in May, we are doing something that none of the political parties have ever done in this area: asking residents to decide who our candidate should be.

“Usually, the first a voter hears about a new candidate is when a newsletter drops through their door announcing his or her name.

“So, this time, we’re to ask if registered voters want Ian…

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