We are now only a matter of days (4) away from Wirral’s Cabinet making a decision on the future of Girtrell Court, a decision that could have a devastating impact on carers and loved ones, if that decision is to close this much loved and much needed facility.

We have discovered that the Council has commissioned, at a cost of almost £14,000.00 a company called Penderells to, as the Director of Adult Social Services says assist up to 60 families onto Direct Payments. The Director tells us he has a statutory obligation to do this, our question has to be why has he chosen now to go down this route? We believe this is nothing more than a cynical attempt to support the Council in its proposal. It seems the Council can find money for anything, other than to save Girtrell Court!

We can also tell you that following the Councils public consultation the 189 comments made on the proposal to close Girtrell Court have now been published. Those comments can be accessed by clicking HERE   Apart from a couple of comments in support of closure (and we know some of the independent sector with vacancies commented) about 99% of comments oppose closure.

The online petition which can be accessed by clicking HERE  closes today Thursday 18th February and if you have not signed it we would urge you to do so and encourage your friends to do the same. Even if you have signed a paper petition please take a couple of minutes to sign this one as well. Every signature counts.

You can also check out some of the recent activity on the Save Girtrell Court Facebook page with postings from carers and many comments which are all supportive of the Friends group in opposing closure.

Up to now the campaign has been powerful, however It’s extremely important, particularly in these last few days to keep the pressure on the Council and ensure that they are left in no doubt as to the strength of feeling. So make sure you get your message to the elected members that are listed at the end of this email, keep repeating the message. You may also want to include the Councils Chief Executive, Eric Robinson in that message and his email is

Finally in this email a reminder that Wirral Unison are holding a lobby outside Wallasey Town Hall at 9am on Monday 22nd February prior to the Cabinet meeting, which is open to the public at 10am. We will be there, and we hope to see as many of you there as well, this may be our last chance to convince the Cabinet that closing Girtrell Court is plain and simply wrong

Cabinet Members,,,,,,,,,

Back Benchers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Angela Eagle, Wallasey.
Margaret Greenwood, Wirral West.
Alison McGovern, Wirral South.
The RT Hon Frank Field, Birkenhead.


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