Not us Say the Council – It’s a Mystery

Copse SMR 2On Thursday I received a couple of telephone calls from constituents concerned about some work going on at the Council owned wooded copse on Saughall Massie Road, close to the junction with the Upton bypass.

One resident approached the workmen, who were very secretive about what they were doing, why and who for.   When they finished they erected block and mes fencing and padlocked it.

Now I have spoken to the Councils Asset Management Team, the Planning Team, The Highways Team and Parks and Open Spaces, none of them are doing any work or have commissioned any work at this location, so who are these mysterious people?

If anyone out there has a clue, please let us know.    In the meantime I have asked the Council to investigate further and if necessary remove the fencing and the padlocks, that may smoke out whoever is doing this work.


18 thoughts on “Not us Say the Council – It’s a Mystery

  1. Just wondering, does this copse link in to the woods backing on to Overchurch Road and Burrell Drive? If so has anyone asked the ‘lovely’ owner of that part if he has anything to do with this?…

  2. Dear Lynn

    Good point. I would say unlikely because it is too far away, however I am sure the Councils investigation will uncover who is responsible. Best wishes Cllr Chris Blakeley

  3. Hi Chris Steve I reported to you about this going on last year, I think it is travelers who once they gain entry will start a legal process to claim the land. Once they get on without breaking the law they could be there years it is important for the Coucil who own the land to erect a fence befor they arrive. This is a national problem and we don’t want it in Saughall Massie !!!!! I’m on holiday for a month or I would stand in the breach, they will arrive early in the morning and it will be all over !
    Just for the record I was told by one of the Council tree workers that their is Japanese rot weed in the woods really serious stuff if disturbed.

  4. Hiya Chris, we think it’s travellers claiming the land , they tried last year & I informed Steve who looked into it, I advise that you block the entrance asp, at the moment I’m on holiday, if I was at home I’d do it myself. The last thing we want is travellers. Perhaps block the entrance with a vehicle.
    Regards John

  5. Hi John

    Last year it was legitimate work being carried out by the Council. This is separate and different and the Council are looking into it Regards Chris

  6. Last year the council said they knew nothing about it, funny it’s the exactly twelve months, There will be a land grab by travellers. Once there on it will be the devils own job to get them off, I know of this happening in other towns. Please don’t wait until it is to late( these guy have the best lawyers in the country fighting for their right act now) thank you

  7. Hi Chris

    This is very worrying and as others have suggested, I think something should be done to tear down that fencing and block the entrance to the area with something large and heavy that can’t be easily shifted. Could a notice not be erected stating that trespassers will be prosecuted?
    Thanks Chris.

  8. The fence is still up I was at the bus stop when this went up 3men they went into the building next to the Saughall DIY shop

  9. Hi, they were there this afternoon 09/03, very suspicious looking so I turned round and recorded them on my dash cam

  10. noticed this morning that a small wooden fence had been built in front of this opening (although one end was broken). Workmen were there at 8:30am on their phones. Does anyone actually know who they are working for and what they are doing?

  11. Hi Lynn. Council put the wooden fence up. It’s not broken it’s just badly done. Not sure if it was eve Council or not there this morning I will try to find out

  12. Hi Chris are you sure the council own this land ?
    It would appear that it’s up for grabs for anyone who puts a fence around it and goes legal.

  13. Its Council and no one will have it, unless of course they apply to buy. No giuarantee the Council will sell

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