Whats Happening at the Former Brickworks Site at Carr Lane?

Following many representations from local residents about dust and noise nuisance, we have called on the Council to investigate just what is happening on the brickworks site.

We have emailed the Councils Head of Planning telling him that with the current activities at this site it’s clear that planning conditions are most likely being flaunted with no consideration for the residents who have to suffer all week and now weekends also.  As you are aware last year the Planning Committee tried to carry out a site visit, however elected members were refused access which we found very strange.

This organisation seem to be able to break every agreement without suffering any consequences.  In the last few weeks we have had complaints of white goods being dumped at this site and heavy goods vehicles using the wrong exits as well as noise and dust nuisance.

Local residents have clearly had enough of having to endure this anti-social unneighbourly behaviour any longer, and we would like the Council to address this situation, not in the form of a letter to the site operator as that appears to have no impact, we would like you to visit this site discover what activities are taking place and enforce the planning conditions and agreements  that are currently in place.

Sadly to date the Council have failed to respond!

A New Low for Wirral Council?

I am extremely disappointed that the Leader of  Wirral Council, Phil Davies, in talking about his Cabinets decision to close Girtrell Court, simply tried to score cheap political points against the Conservatives. The reaction of the families demonstrated that was the last thing they wanted to hear.

For Wirral Council to hold over £70million in reserves, to lend £5million to another Council, to spend £91,000 on new office furniture and spend £56,000 on a new spin doctor for the Leader while leaving some of the most vulnerable people in the Borough to the private and independent care sector is, nothing less than obscene.

I have to say that Councillor Davies, in my opinion has dragged Wirral Labour to a new low. A low I really did not believe possible. Put simply he owes the 130 users, the staff of Girtrell Court as well as the public of Wirral an apology.