Petition to Save Girtrell Court

Earlier today I met up with my colleague, Cllr Bruce Berry and members of the Unison Union outside a very windy and cold Asda in Birkenhead to collect signatures opposing the closure of Girtell Court respite centre.  (I am pictured above)

lots of people have not heard of Girtrell Court in Saughall Massie and the excellent work it does to help people with profound learning and physical difficulties and their families, when they did hear about it they had no hesitation in signing the petition.

This is the last respite centre that is in Council ownership and in order to save £155,000 (that’s less than the Council Chief Executive earns each year) they want to close it and throw the users and their families out into the independent sector.

We need to make this Council think again, so if you want to sign the petition you can use the online one which can be accessed by clicking HERE.


One thought on “Petition to Save Girtrell Court

  1. The council should think long and hard about the impact they will have on carers and clients lives if Girtrell Court i have 2 boys who use this service and they and myself know they will be well cared for in a happy and safe enviroment enableing me to have a short break to give more care and attention to my husband who im also a full time carer.

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