Girtrell Court – Tell the Council What You Think

One of the service users of Girtrell Court who attended the meeting with Graham Hodkinson, the Councils Director of Adult Social Services  at Wallasey Town Hall on the 22nd January took minutes of the meeting.   Those minutes can be read by clicking HERE

Joel Mansell who works for Graham Hodkinson has asked attendees and others who may be interested to complete a feedback form and return to him via email to  the feedback form can be accessed by clicking HERE  

While there is no deadline for completion we have to remember the ruling Labour Cabinet will be making a decision on Girtrell Court on the 22nd February so the sooner they are returned the better.

One thought on “Girtrell Court – Tell the Council What You Think

  1. Having problems replying on the form can’t respond would be much better to do it as an email, no problem accessing it just filling in the form is the issue, hope I’m the only one with this problem otherwise lack of response could be seen as lack of interest and that certainly isn’t the case.

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