Thank you to all those people who took the time yesterday morning to attend the meeting at Wallasey Town Hall.

The meeting today demonstrated just how out of touch the Director of Adult Social Services and the Cabinet Member responsible, Cllr Christine Jones are. They have clearly misunderstood the strength of feeling and appear to be entrenched in moving forward with the closure of Girtell Court.
Despite what the Director and the Cabinet Member said or want the fight to save Girtell Court continues.
We have provided below all the email addresses for the Labour Councillors, showing who are the Cabinet Members and who are the Back Benchers.
While the Cabinet will make the decision in late February it will have to be ratified by the Council when it meets in March, it is therefore worthwhile everyone emailing the Labour Councillors to make them aware of your disgust over this proposal, perhaps reminding them that there are local elections in May.
It is important that we all continue to keep the pressure on the Labour Councillors if we are to save Girtrell Court.
BACK BENCHERS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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