Dan Dan the Angry Man

Readers will be aware that Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) had a pre-planning application meeting in early November.    The Councils response to MFRS which I published on my blog and can be read by clicking HERE, stated very clearly that because they had a fall back position it was very unlikely that planning permission would be granted to build on our greenbelt.

As a result of that response, the Chief Fire Officer, Dan Stephens penned an angry response to David Ball, the Councils Head of Planning which was clearly trying to undo the damage caused by his representatives, and reading  between the lines seems to be trying to gag vocal opposition to his plans to desecrate our greenbelt for no reason.    You can read his letter to David Ball by clicking HERE     I will publish David Balls response to him in a day or so to make sure he has seen it first, after all we would not want to upset him!

Well here’s a personal message to the Chief Fire Officer from me.   I will continue to vocally oppose your plans, I will continue to support local residents in opposing your plans, and I will do my very best to make sure MFRS do not get planning permission for a new fire station on our greenbelt, particularly when there is another non greenbelt site 700 metres away that is Council owned and while, as your representatives kindly pointed out, you do have a Fall Back position in redeveloping Upton.    See you at planning Dan…….




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