We’re backing the campaign to save Seacombe Ferry Terminal

Local Conservatives fight for local residents and local services

Wallasey & Moreton


Plans to close one of Wirral’s two remaining ferry terminals have been slammed by local Conservatives.

The plans, being put forward by Mersey Ferries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the public transport authority would see either Woodside or Seacombe Ferry terminal closed and commuter travel cut back.

The ferries are Merseyside’s most popular paid-for attraction and are renowned across the world as being an icon of Liverpool and the River Mersey.

New Brighton campaigner Tony Pritchard is calling for a rethink on the closure plan:

We all remember what happened to New Brighton when we lost our ferry terminal.

Tourism declined and the town suffered. Now, just as New Brighton is on the up, we have this possible kick in the face by Merseytravel.

When there’s a transport scheme in Southport or St Helens, the Transport Authority is quick enough to dip into the pockets of Wirral residents, via the…

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