Flooding in Ternway


Readers will recall that in September the Arrowebrook burst it banks causing flooding in homes in Ternway, Town Meadow Lane, Wastdale Drive and other properties in Moreton.

So severe was the flooding that over 100 people had to evacuate their homes and many of those people are still in temporary accommodation while their homes are being repaired, however they are now close to returning to their homes and hopefully before Christmas.

However as can be seen from the picture above taken yesterday flooding is still occurring in Ternway to the footway following what can only be described as normal rainfall.    This is not a new problem and the Council has been asked repeatedly over the years to improve the drainage at this location, sadly up to now they have failed to take any action.

I would have hoped, given the scale of the flooding in Moreton, which is described by the Council as a Significant Flooding Event, that action would have been taken!

I have contacted the Council Officers responsible for actioning this matter and told them in no uncertain terms that this problem has to be resolved by whatever means so that people can simply can I and out of their homes without having to don Wellington boots.

Seems we can explore space sending devices to the far edges of the universe, but sadly this Council can’t provide adequate drainage on the adopted highway, no wonder people have no faith in WIrral Council….



One thought on “Flooding in Ternway

  1. Every time it rains (even moderately), I see office workers and school kids in their “good shoes” having to wade through 6 inches of water and mud as they walk along the paths that criss-cross Linear Park. These paths are NOT shortcuts or alternatives to pavements – they are the only access.

    Considering the Arrowe Brook runs so close by, it can’t be impossible to improve drainage into the brook from these paths while providing the outlet into the brook with a simple non-return flap which closes should the brook’s level reach the top of its banks.

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