297 Houses to be Built on Burtons Site? UPDATE

Readers will be aware that Bilfinger GVA are looking to secure planning permission to build circa 297 homes on the vacant Burtons Biscuits Site in Pasture Road.    You can read more about that by clicking HERE

It appears that since their last application was refused by the Council, back in May 2014 Bilfinger GVA have been working closely with Council Officers to overcome some of the objections.    I have seen a document that confirms that, but I am told I can’t release that document until after the planning application is submitted on the 23rd December.    I hate this secrecy but I am bound by certain protocols.

However I can tell you that in the last 18/20 months a strategy was agreed between the applicant and the Council and Bilfinger GVA, the applicant has submitted monthly updates to the Council, quaterley reports to the council and held quarterly telephone conferences with the Council and the landowners.

I asked what charges the Council had invoiced the applicant for in respect of the many hours of time given to this by council officers?   The answer is a big fat zero.   Seems all of this has been done free of charge.

While the ultimate decision  on any planning application will be made by the Planning Committee  it will be interesting, given the close working relationship and collaboration between the Council, the applicant and the landowner what the planning officers recommendation will be to that committee.    I wait with eager anticipation.