64,346 people have registered to vote in this constituency

Wallasey & Moreton

Today sees the publication of the new Electoral Register for the six wards in the Wallasey Constituency. A massive 64,346 people have used the new system of Individual Electoral Registration to make sure they can vote next May.

Under the old system, fraud in places such as Tower Hamlets, Slough and Birmingham was widely reported.  Here in Wirral, like every other part of the country, the old Electoral Register included many people who had moved home (and so were registered two or three times); people who had died more than a year ago and, in some cases, people who had never lived at the address they had registered – all being carried forward, year after year.

At least nine attempts will have been made by councils to contact each of these ‘carry forwards’ before they are removed (seven letters, two personal visits).

The Government has provided £3 million of…

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