Not Good News for Dan Stephens – Fire Station Update

Say NO To Fire Station

Readers of the blog will know of Merseyside Fire and Rescues Service (MFRS) plans to close Upton and West Kirby Fire Stations and replace them with a new build on Green Belt land in Saughall Massie, a plan which has generated huge opposition from local people demonstrated by over 1200 signatures on a petition of objection.

Despite those objections MFRS seem to want to push forward with their plans.   Part of that process was for them sand their architects to seek a pre-planning application meeting with Wirral Council’s Planning Officers and Highways Officers.   That meeting took place last week.

I have secured a copy of the Council’s response to MFRS architects, I am delighted that response, which can be read by clicking HERE indicates that development on Green Belt would be unlikely.

In their response the Council’s Planners made it clear that while possible, planning permission would be very difficult for MFRS to achieve on Green Belt.      They have a brown field site already in Upton that they have said they can redevelop with Government money, so by their own admission with this as an alternative they will be unable to demonstrate the very special circumstances that will outweigh the harm that would be caused by a development on green belt land in Saughall Massie.

The message is simple:  Think again Dan……………

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