Free Uniforms for Primary Schools (FUPS)


Earlier this morning at the invitation of Sarah I called into the Methodist Church on Pasture Road to visit FUPS.

FUPS came into being in April of this year and it’s a great organisation that recycles Primary School uniforms, mainly for Moreton Schools but it does also have small amounts of articles, jumpers etc which have the school logo.

How does it work?  Well people donate their children’s school uniforms to FUPS, the church congregation wash iron and then they are packaged into age groups and given away free to those people who need them.

Sarah told me that families with lots of children often struggle to kit out their children with uniforms, PE kits etc and that’s where FUPS comes in, they can help those families.

FUPS is open every Wednesday morning during school term time between 9am and 11am, so if you want to donate or perhaps pick up some clothing for your children then call in, Sarah, Alan and Frank will make you feel very welcomed.   Alternatively you know someone this organisation can help, if you do then please let them know about FUPS.  Why not see more on their Facebook Page FUPS WIRRAL

While I was at FUPS I called into the church itself which is an open church between 10am and 12noon on Wednesdays where I met Lynne, Peter and Norma.    They said if anyone wants to pop in they would be welcome and tea, coffee and toast is always on the go.

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