Remembrance Sunday in Moreton

Readers will know from previous posts that there has been some confusion about the Royal British Legion service of remembrance in Moreton.

Yesterday I got an email from Nicci Henderson and this morning I got a call from Will Poston, boss of the Coach and Horses and I met with Nicci

Ok so the upshot is that there will be a service with a small parade beforehand it’s being organised by Nicci, Will and the Cadets.

If you want to walk in the parade (only round the block) please be at the Cenotlaph at  Maryland Lane for about 10:20am, March will commence around 10:30/10:40 before the Service, led as usual by the Reverend Barry Rednore commences prior to 11am.

I am of course delighted that this has been organised and look forward to seeing lots of people on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Remembrance Sunday in Moreton

  1. Surely the council should organise these important events ,and not leave it to the good will of local people,mind you Wirral council is a joke so nothing they do surprises me anymore.

  2. Dear Mr O’Rourke

    Thank you for your comment. Responsibility for the service of remembrance belongs with the Royal British Legion and not the Council. However I recognise that in effect there is no longer a British Legion in Moreton and organising a service here has been difficult this year, but there will be a service. Moving forward I think we will need to look at how future services are organised and I will be talking to the relevant Council Officers to see what help can be given.

    In the meantime thanks to Nicci Henderson, the Cadets and Will Poston for their help in organising this years service.

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