Amberley Avenue Christmas Lights


Earlier this evening, along with my colleagues, Cllr Bruce Berry and Cllr Steve Williams (we are pictured above) and about 100 others I went along to the switch on of the Amberley Avenue Christmas lights.

This event is organised by a group of local residents who live in the Close and has grown year on year and has reached many people who come from far and wide to witness this magnificent spectacle.

As well as bringing joy and happiness to many it also raises money for a great cause, Claire House.    The lights are on from around 4:30pm until very late every night throughout the Christmas and New Year period and I would urge people to take the kids, not forgetting the letter for Santa and if you are really lucky Santa may take some time out of his very busy schedule to make a surprise appearance.

Happy Christmas everyone…..




Maryland Lane Footway – Update

Readers will be aware of the work I have been undertaking to ensure the footway that fronts the sheltered bungalows in Maryland Lane is repaired/replaced to ensure its safe for residents to walk on.

The footway was damaged by tree roots coming through, so about four months ago I had three trees cut down and the rest cut back to ensure they could be properly managed.    Once the roots had died back the Council said they would resurface the damaged area.    I am delighted to see that work is now underway with a section of new footway being laid.    Local residents have told me that they are delighted with the outcome.


Lights Out

Over the last couple of weeks I have been receiving lots of calls about street lights that are not working, the worst by far being Edgehill Road where nine lights are not working.

In addition I also found lights out in Millhouse Lane, Millhouse Close, Wastdale Drive, Saughall Road, Town Meadow Lane.

The Labour run Council stopped Council Officers carrying our night time inspections a couple of years ago.    This was about the same time they starting switching lights out, a decision they had to U Turn on following a massive public outcry.

Given the amount of lights out in Moreton I have asked the Councils Head of Lighting to carry out a full audit of the street lighting columns in Moreton and Saughall Massie.

I am delighted that he has agreed to do this with a driven visual inspection in December, followed by a further four by 6 weekly inspections January to April.

If you have a light out near you please let me know, alternatively email Streetscene.