What Is The Quid Pro Quo?

I sent the email below earlier this week to David Armstrong at Wirral Council.   David is the Deputy Chief Excecutive and heads up the Councils Asset Management Department.    As yet I am waiting for a response


Hi David

According to Ms Henshaw at the Fire Authority, the land next to the Birkenhead Fire Station valued at £250,000 is being transferred to WBC for the nominal price of £1.00. ( I understand this is not finalised yet). For an Authority that is constantly whinging about cuts to its service there clearly is an underlying motive to turn down £250,000 to please another authority.

I am really concerned that this deal will influence the Council when MFRS request the Council to transfer green belt land (as yet not valued) in Saughall Massie for its new fire station.

I would appreciate your views on this


Cllr Chris Blakeley
Moreton West and Saughall Massie Ward
Wirral Borough Council
0151 677 9040
07803 614418
Twitter: @cllrcblakeley


Say NO To Fire Station


One thought on “What Is The Quid Pro Quo?

  1. As I’m sure you are already aware Kieran Timmins (when he was working for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service as Deputy Chief Executive) suggested to tidy up land ownership that they swap the land Wirral Council wanted next to Birkenhead Fire Station for the land MFRA wanted for a new fire station.

    Obviously this project in the Leader’s ward is something the Labour administration wants.

    OK, I doubt Wirral Council officers would’ve put on record a response to the land swap suggestion, but short of asking Kieran where that suggestion came from (it’s known there were meetings between senior officers) why would he ask such a question?

    I doubt this information was ever meant to be in the public domain before the decision was made and as you know a question on the emails at the MFRA meeting earlier this year was dodged by Dan Stephens who just (if I remember correctly) states such emails hadn’t come from him, with Labour councillors on the MFRA making out the emails weren’t genuine despite the MFRS releasing them in response to a FOI!

    Ultimately though the people want answers (which they’re not getting at the moment).

    At the last MFRA meeting, the Chair Cllr Hanratty told me how terrible I was for wanting openness and accountability. In fact he was going to complain about me to the minister!

    So sadly there doesn’t seem to be the political will for the true facts to be in the public domain prior to a decision being made.

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